About Me

I am a personal enrichment specialist.  I use my experience as an artist/performer, plus my 30yrs as a sociology practitioner to help us knock down barriers that hold us back from living our best life possible. 

Through Discover Your Muse and Warrior, I offer a series of hands-on workshops, online and in person, and blog posts here at Get Free With Me on:

Non-competitive Creative Expression 

Confronting Critical Mental Quotes (on self, body, abilities) 

Exposing Toxic Origins (from media, generations, relationships) 

Narrating Your Desired Existence 

Celebrating a Higher Viewpoint

For over 30 years I have been passionate about sharing ways to liberate self-esteem, unchain body image, escape prescribed family roles, deliver from community restrictions, rescue from old thoughts, release stress, uncage creativity, and explore Universal truths.

I have done my thing powered by a master’s degree and love for creative arts employed by community agencies, colleges, universities, and publications.  Now, I develop and deliver hands-on workshops wrapped in a cool creative twist and write real-life blog posts directly for you because I do the work, too.  From adult beginners to seasoned seekers, participants surface out of the everyday mundane ruts and emerge basking in new perceptions.

So, join in and Get Free with ME!