About me

I am a personal enrichment specialist.  I use my experience as an artist/performer, plus my 30yrs as a sociology practitioner to help us knock down barriers that hold us back from living our best life possible. 

For over 30 years I have been passionate about sharing ways to liberate self-esteem, unchain body image, escape prescribed family roles, deliver from community restrictions, rescue from old thoughts, release stress, uncage creativity, and explore Universal truths.

 I have done my thing powered by a master’s degree and love for creative arts employed by community agencies, colleges, universities, and publications.  Now, I develop and deliver hands-on workshops wrapped in a cool creative twist and write real-life blog posts directly for you because I do the work, too.  From adult beginners to seasoned seekers, participants surface out of the everyday mundane ruts and emerge basking in new perceptions.


abc of Babs

A – Artist, Aloof 

B – Brainstormer 

C – Creative Expressionist, Communicator 

D – Diplomatic 

E – Empathy, Efficient 

F – Facilitator 

G – Gregarious 

H – Humorous, Honorable 

I – Innovative, Instructional Designer

K- Keen, Kind 

L – Love Luxurious Textures, Lyricist 

M – Music Lover, Mom 

N – Night owl, Nacho eater 

O – Observant, Optimistic, Only Child 

P – Poet, Polite 

Q – Quick Responses/Senses, Quixotic 

R – Resourceful, Reflective

S – Seeker, Sensitive, Scorpio, Spunky 

T – Tenacious, Tolerant 

U – Unusual, Urbane, Unique 

V – Vivid, Vivacious, Veracious, Vocalist 

W – Writer, Widow, Westie Lover 

X – Xenodochial (Yeah, I had to look it up) 

Y – Young at heart, Yin Yang Fan 

Z – Zodiac Enthusiast