One Dream Does Not Fit All

One dream does not fit all.  The American Dream, that is. 

Media’s Myth

The Growing Myth


Research Shows the Damage

Overcome One Dream Fits All

Media’s Myth

We’re you led to see the vision of The American Dream?  In…

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Grow Your Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude is a Way of Life

Write a List of Thankfulness

Grow Your List

Spiral Down or Spiral Up

I’m going to try this article again.  I won’t lie, I’m a little apprehensive about writing it.  The type

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Time Anxiety

Time Anxiety:  Breaking the Should and Time Relationship 

I realized a few months ago I have Time Anxiety.  Yes, it’s a thing (see Psychology Today link below).  I never realized or admitted it was anxiety.  For years, I named it…

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Why Bad Things Happen

Answering the question "Why Bad Things Happen" by using the story of my fall.

Accepting My Cause and Effect Thoughts

Learning to only leave my cell phone as far from me as I’m willing to crawl.

Choosing a Perspective of…

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3 Easy Steps to Jumpstart a New Life

3 Easy Steps to Jumpstart a New Life:  Word of the Year, Vision Board, Reap Results

The Unknown

A couple of my friends and I like to sometimes choose a new word of the year for ourselves to live by…

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Discover Your Muse and Warrior!

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here!


Discover Your Muse and Warrior is my developing program to take us on a journey to awaken the Muse within for inspiration, rather than seeking a persona outside of ourselves. Inspiration isn’t confined…

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About Me

I am a personal enrichment specialist.  I use my experience as an artist/performer, plus my 30yrs as a sociology practitioner to help us knock down barriers that hold us back from living our best life possible. 

Through Discover…

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