Discover Your Muse and Warrior!

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Discover Your Muse and Warrior is my developing program to take us on a journey to awaken the Muse within for inspiration, rather than seeking a persona outside of ourselves. Inspiration isn’t confined to the arts. We need inspiration for almost every task we perform.  This becomes even more possible when we unleash our righteous Warrior.  Our Warrior within fights for our right to be authentic, provides courage to pursue what we really want to do and be in life. 

Powerful Fusion:

The role of Muse has historically been perceived as feminine.  The Warrior characteristic has historically been portrayed as masculine.  When we meld our Muse and Warrior together we are dynamic, spiritually powerful to command our days, and confident to show up in our life.  It truly is a feeling of freedom within which reflects results outwardly.

It’s Here for You:

This website is the hub for Discover Your Muse and Warrior.  Here, is where I post articles for you on my blog, “Get Free with Me.”  It is through this website where I will notify you of available workshops and workshop related printable downloads. 

This House:

Under the roof of Discover Your Muse and Warrior I have also made available my poetry to music CD’s I recorded as Babs Martin and The Trip, and other music CD’s and tracks I recorded as Babs Martin and Outlaw Haints.  I have been blessed by testimonies who tell me they have been inspired my words and music. 

As a lifelong visual artist and a facilitator of creative expression, I have my paintings, mostly rendered in oil, available here for you to view.  I will frequently upload more photos for viewing.

I look forward to this journey with you.  I know new and exciting life changers are coming your way.  Join the email mailing list so we don’t miss a moment together!

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